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3 Reasons to Buy a Box Easel

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Art easels come in different shapes and sizes. While many people choose a regular standing easel, a box product has its advantages. What are they?

1. Table-top Design

While regular easels have stands, a box easel rests on a surface. So, for example, you can set up this kind of easel on a desk or table and paint there.

This tabletop design is useful if you don't have a lot of spare space for a regular easel. If you don't have room to stand the easel, keep your paints at close hand and get in front of the easel yourself, then you'll find it hard to paint.

One of the beauties of box easels is the fact that you can simply put them on a table while you paint. They don't take up extra room.

Plus, in some cases, some people find it hard to stand at an easel for long periods. If you use a box easel, then you can paint sitting down. This might be more comfortable for you.

2. Easy Portability

While most easels fold down when you aren't using them, they aren't always easy to transport and carry around. Regular easels can be quite tall. Their size sometimes affects their portability.

Box easels are much more compact. They fold into a box shape that is smaller and much easier to carry than a standard product. They are lighter than a lot of larger easels.

So, you can move the easel from room to room in your home, as long as you have a suitable surface to put it on. You can even take it outdoors with you if you want to do some landscape painting.

3. Integral Storage

If you use a regular easel, then you need to find somewhere to store your paints, brushes and cleaners. While you might have some storage space when the easel is up, you'll need to find somewhere else for these things to go when you put it away.

Box easels usually come with integral storage compartments in their base. So, for example, you might get a built-in drawer under the easel frame.

You can use this storage to keep all your paints, brushes and accessories. You don't need to find extra storage for them when you're done painting. You also won't lose anything as it has its own home in the easel itself.

To see some examples of box easels or for more information about art supplies, contact your local arts and crafts store or online art supplies company.